Do you feel the RAGE?!


The Saturn-16 Planetary Gearbox and partnering RB-775-18 Brushed Motor are here! Want your project to launch itself to 15mph like it’s nothing? Get yours now!

Saturn-16 - Complete
We will be further expanding our line of transmission products before long. Stay tuned!

– Ellis/Ranglebox


Those keeping an eye for updates may have noticed a delay in the release of our Saturn-16 gearboxes and 18v motors. This was an unfortunate but necessary hold up to resolve some manufacturing imperfections that we wanted to fix rather than ignore.

That said, they’re a matter of days away! See for the first time the Saturn-16 and 775-class 18v motors below, in all their shiny glory. We’re very close, only a few more screws to screw and stickers to stick before you can get yours!


Soon. Very soon.
– Ellis/Ranglebox


Although it may seem random, the name Ranglebox has a background. Since conception, we have hoped to develop high quality gearbox and drive solutions, aimed at robotics. The box in Ranglebox is actually the same as in gearbox. This intention goes right to our roots and we’re excited to announce we’re making it a reality.

Currently in production is our first-of-series gearbox, the Ranglebox Saturn-16:

Saturn16 r2Saturn16 r1

We think this is the ultimate solution for mid-size robotics drive systems. Here are some pre-release details:

* Ratio: the Saturn-16 is a 16:1 two-stage planetary reduction, ideal for a huge range of motors.

* Dimensions: the planetary design means the gearbox itself measures just 42 x 42 x 50mm, with M5 mounting holes and a 12mm diameter output shaft, supported by dual bearing races.

* Torque handling: we can’t reveal figures just yet, but we have taken inspiration from top-brand power tools, with the Saturn-16 set to handle more power than anything before it.

* Construction: CNC machined aluminium mounting plates with entirely high tensile 12.9 grade hardware. An all metal-transmission with machined carbon steel gears and output shaft.

* Weight: the Saturn-16 weighs in at just 400g, making for a brilliant weight/power handling ratio.

* Compatibility: the gearbox has two mounting patterns (25mm-M3 and 29mm-M4) meaning it will directly fit a huge range of brushed and brushless motors as standard.

The Saturn-16 is just the beginning. Other ratios in the same class as well as both smaller and larger variations are all in the pipeline.


In the same release we will be adding two sizes of high power brushed motor to our product line, the Ranglebox 775-18v and the Ranglebox 550-18v [delayed]. Either of these will bolt straight to the Saturn-16, with suitable pinion gears supplied attached or separately.

These motors are configured with robotics applications in mind. Unlike many others which are timed (spin faster one way than the other), meaning in many applications you must tweak your system to compensate, the Ranglebox motors are produced with neutral timing so you get their full performance in every project.

Both motors are wound for a DC-18v power supply, but will happily operate at higher voltages for short periods. Full details and specifications will be made available upon release.


Both the Saturn-16 gearbox and the Ranglebox 18v motors are set for release in late June or early July 2015. We must complete production-model testing in intense, realistic applications before we’re comfortable making these available for purchase, to guarantee they live up to our standards.

Send us an email if you have any questions, we will happily try to answer.

Thank you for reading… back to production!
– Ellis/Ranglebox


2015 is set to be a great year for Ranglebox! With the shop about to expand (update coming soon!) and various projects in the pipeline, we’re quickly gaining traction in the robotics world.

The first project of the year is a big one. Ranglebox was approached late last year by a new Midlands-based event organiser called Kinematic Events.

The task is to conceptualise, design and build five custom miniature fighting machines, much like those from the BBC’s famous flagship show Robot Wars.

Having chosen components and completing elaborate 3D CAD models, these fighting robots will soon make their way into the real world. Kinematic Events will be holding an event in late February; the first outing for these Pay-to-Battle machines, which can be driven by the public for a shot at combat robot glory!

KE Pay-to-Battle lifterThe Flipper!

KE Pay-to-Battle spinnerThe Spinner!

KE Pay-to-Drive rambotThe Full-Body-Hammer!

KE Pay-to-Battle fight

Above are renders of the CAD models produced in the design phase. Not long until they’re mirrored by their real-life counterparts. As you can see, our Ranglebox Threaded Bar has been used extensively in these super-tough robotic soldiers!

Stay tuned for updates on this project and additions to our shop.



Welcome to Ranglebox!

Our first product line is in stock! You can now order lengths of Threaded Bar, available in two sizes, from our Shop. These are strips of high grade aluminium with counter-spaced threaded holes, designed for 90° joints where high strength and ease of assembly are paramount.

Visit the Shop for more information. Get them whilst they’re hot!

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