Saturn-16 and 775 combo

RB-775-18v Brushed Motor


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Product Description

This is the RB-775-18, a high performance brushed DC motor. Pre-fitted with a suitable pinion gear and supplied with mounting screws, this beast of a motor is the ideal and intended partner to our Saturn-16 planetary gearbox.

Key stats:

  • Voltage: this is an 18v DC motor, suitable for 15x NiCd/NiMH cells or 5s LiPo.
  • RPM: no-load of 22,000rpm at 18v.
  • Timing: neutral, within 1%.
  • Power (at 18v): ~2.5a no-load current, ~250w at peak efficiency (capable of double) with a stall current of ~130a.
  • Weight: 357g including the pinion, excluding screws.
  • Size (mm): 90L*44.5D (maximum dimensions, more detail below). 

RB-775-18 - basic dimensions


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This motor will fit directly to our Saturn-16 planetary gearbox. The pinion is a machined steel 15t module 0.6 gear, spaced perfectly along the motor shaft to drive the Saturn. The supplied high tensile (12.9) M4 caphead screws are also ideal for fitting to the gearbox:

Saturn-16 mounted to our powerful motor.

The above combo is an extremely power-dense and high performance gearmotor, with an output speed of ~1500rpm on a 5s LiPo. The Botbitz 85a Brushed ESC, our largest speed controller, is an excellent option for completing the monster setup.

We recommend you run the motor in each direction (preferably at low power) for a short while before putting it into use. This is standard with brand new motors and is to help bed-in the brushes, improving initial efficiency.

Note: since this is a relatively heavy and valuable product, please visit out Info tab to learn about the way it will be shipped. You may choose to ship by more secure means than our default choice.

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