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Aluminium Threaded Bar – M4


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Please note: this product is discontinued. We may re-stock in future, though current demand isn’t high enough justify another manufacturing run. If you’re interested in ordering, please email us so we can gauge demand and perhaps re-stock sooner. Apologies for any inconvenience. 

This is the smaller of two Threaded Bar sizes currently available. Each piece is 8mm square, 306mm long and has M4 holes positioned in 12mm intervals. The holes are inter-spaced through two axis along the full length of the bar – there are 50 threaded holes in total.

All bars are CNC machined, making them extremely accurate and ideal for use in conjunction with other precision parts. The 6061T6 aerospace-grade aluminium guarantees they are stiff and the threads are strong, despite each bar weighing just 42g.

Threaded Bars allow you to easily join any materials of any thicknesses. Cut to length, drill 12mm-spaced clearance holes in the pieces you wish to join and bolt up with standard M4x0.7 bolts, available everywhere. The resulting joint will be significantly stronger than traditional bracketing methods.

If you would prefer an imperial version of this fixing method, Threaded Bars have a cousin overseas. You can find “Nutstrip” from the American-based

Product ID: MTB8x306xM4

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