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Product Description

Do you need a robust, no-frills dual channel brushed motor controller? We have you covered! Ranglebox is now the UK/EU distributor for the RageBridge 2, a premium ESC from E0Designs.

The RageBridge 2 is designed for robotic and vehicular drivetrain applications. It can supply 40 amps continuously (per side!) and up to 90A in bursts (dependent on cooling conditions) with an ultra-wide 8-40v input voltage range.  It can operate as two independent motor control channels, or be combined into a single-channel controller for driving larger motors. It can take analog, R/C radio, and TTL serial inputs. Its large and fully isolated aluminium heatsink base allows you to attach it to a metal chassis for even better thermal performance, and its active current limiting will help keep your system stable. The RageBridge 2 is the ultimate in versatile and cost-effective motor control!

Quick specifications: 

  • Voltage input range: 12 to 30v nominal (8 – 40v absolute limits)
  • Continuous current: 40A true continuous per side (50+A with forced cooling)
  • Maximum current: Up to 90A constant-current mode limited per side / 75A for 30 seconds per side
  • Switching frequency: 15.6kHz
  • Braking: Synchronous rectification with regenerative braking
  • Logic power: 5v @ 150mA
  • Inputs: 3 channels (R/C mode), 2 channels and arming/reversing switch (analog mode), 1 TTL Serious UART
  • Size: 4.15″ * 2″ * 0.8″ (106 * 51 * 20mm)
  • Weight: 4oz (113g) with 6″/150mm wires
  • Heat management: Aluminium heatsink plate

There is a lot more information, including a user manual, CAD models and technical drawings available on the E0Designs product page for the RageBridge 2. There are also breakdowns of the ESC’s architecture, component selection and current limiting technology. We strongly recommend you visit their website to gain a full understanding of this product.

As Ranglebox is a distributor of this product, and we don’t actually produce it, E0Designs’ warranty policy applies. Please contact them directly with any warranty-related queries, and visit their Shipping and Warranty page, as well as our info tab.

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