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Saturn-16 Planetary Gearbox


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Product Description

Please note that this product is assembled to order. Depending on existing commitments, orders may take 2-4 days to process. 

The Saturn-16 is a heavy duty two-stage planetary gearbox, specifically developed by Ranglebox for the robotics market. With unmatched performance and countless thoughtful features, the Saturn-16 is the first of many versatile and high quality transmission products in our line.

Key stats:

  • Reduction: two stage planetary, 16:1 total ratio.
  • Size: 42x42mm front profile, 50mm from front to rear and a 12mm diameter by 60mm long output shaft (110mm total length).
  • Weight: 410g/0.9lbs.
  • Mounting: 12x M5*0.8 threaded holes, placed above, below and on the front for face-mounting.
  • Input: aimed at motors capable of up to 25,000rpm and 500w output, though may handle significantly more.
  • Transmission: entirely metric, module 0.6 gears. Any 15t M0.6 pinion will fit the input (currently not included).

More dimensions can be seen below and a complete CAD model will be available soon.

What makes the Saturn-16 so special? There are a few things that put our gearbox ahead of others in its class:

  • Ease of use: with threaded holes for bolting to your project from any or all of three faces, dual standard mounting hole patterns to interface a huge range of off the shelf motors, highly accurate and logical dimensions (no surprise imperial sizes here) and numerous other smart details, the Saturn-16’s practicality is unrivalled. Saturn-16 - Dimensions
    Click for this image in full resolution (opens in new tab).

  • Physical strength: the Saturn-16 is extremely robust. Thick high grade aluminium front and rear plates sandwich a heavy duty steel ring gear, bolted firmly together by 6x M4 caphead bolts. The output shaft is equally tough; solid hardened steel supported by two back-to-back 6901Z shielded deep groove bearings.
    Saturn-16 - Exploded

  • Transmission strength: the Saturn-16’s first stage features 4x 5mm long machined steel gears driving a one-piece steel carrier plate. The second stage packs an immense 5x 8mm long machined steel gears driving hefty 4mm pins into the one-piece steel shaft and carrier plate. The ring gear is thick and solid steel. Everything about the Saturn-16 is designed to handle massive torque despite its small form factor.
    Saturn-16 - Transmission

The gearbox arrives fully assembled, tested and greased, however the compatible 
15t module 0.6 motor pinion is not included. It will work right out of the box, but we recommend you run it in each direction at low speed for a while to bed-in the transmission. This is standard in brand new parts and allows the gearbox to “find its groove” ahead of use.

You will need to take the Saturn-16 apart in order to fit a motor. This is straightforward and we will have a video guide on this process very soon.

We recommend you mate the Saturn-16 to our high performance RB-775-18v brushed motor, which has the correct pinion already fitted, as well as the 85a Botbitz ESC, the ideal controller for the beastly combination!

Note (from August 2015): at this time you can only order the Saturn-16 as a complete unit. This is a recent endeavour and so our surrounding products, such as spare parts, mounting adapters, compatible motors, etc, may not yet be in place. We have every intention of expanding to offer even more of a one-stop transmission solution. If we don’t already have what you need, feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.

Since this is a relatively heavy and valuable product, please visit out Info tab to learn about the way it will be shipped. You may choose to ship by more secure means than our default choice.

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