12v 1200RPM Gear-motor


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This 1200RPM gear-motor is a high performance miniature brushed motor and gearbox combo, packing a mighty punch into a small and lightweight package. Sold fully assembled, pre-greased and ready to drop straight into your 1-3kg robotics project.

Key stats:

  • Overall dimensions: ø25mm*67mm (including shaft and motor tabs).
  • Mounting: ø4mm output D-shaft (with a flat) and two M3*0.5mm*BCD17mm holes for face-mounting.
  • Voltage (DC): 12v nominal, 6-15v range.
  • Speed (at 12v): 1240RPM with no load, 1100RPM under load.
  • Current (amps): 0.25A with no load, ~0.6A at maximum efficiency, 5A at stall.
  • Torque (approx.): ~0.3kg-cm at maximum efficiency, ~2kg-cm at stall.
  • Weight: 78g
  • Transmission: all metal spur gears, module 0.4 and 0.5.


This mini motor is an ideal partner to the equally tiny 10a Botbitz ESC!

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