Maytech – 50A Brushless 4.12 VESC Controller


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As one of the most prominent developers of RC equipment in the world, Maytech Electronics offer incredible quality and performance with every ESC and motor in their catalog. Ranglebox is proud to have a strong relationship with Maytech, having visited their offices in China and collaborated on multiple SKUs since 2017.

Ranglebox is the only recognised UK-based supplier for Maytech products!

This is Maytech’s build of the open-source robotics and e-skateboard ESC developed by Benjamin Vedder. Maytech’s VESCs are quite simply the best mass-produced example of the classic 4.12 hardware VESC. With infinitely adjustable settings behind the easy-to-use and free VESC Tool software, you can tune small-medium sized brushless motor systems for practically any application.

Quick stats:

  • Overall dimensions: 50mmW*120mmL*16mmD (including capacitors, not including wires)
  • Weight: 80g
  • Input LiPo cells (s): 2s-12s
  • Current (amps): 50A

Supplied with a USB cable for setup and a sensor lead adapter to aid compatibility.

You can find out much more about this incredible ESC from Vedder’s notes!

CAD model: X_T

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