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3D Printing

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2 walls with minimal infill, printed light and fast
~3 walls with medium infill, balancing strength and weight
6+ walls with a lot of infill, for maximum strength
Super tough and flexible
Super tough and flexible
Super tough and flexible
Nylon based semi-flex alloy from Taulman
Super tough engineering nylon alloy from Taulman
Super tough engineering nylon alloy from Taulman
Impact resistant PLA
Impact resistant PLA
Standard PLA with a metallic copper effect
Standard PLA with a metallic silver effect
Standard PLA with a metallic gold effect
Standard PLA with a dark metallic effect
Standard PLA
Recycled standard PLA
Standard PLA
Less brittle than standard PLA
Less brittle than standard PLA
PLA with carbon fibres for stiffness and a nice finish!
Less brittle than standard PLA
Testing something? We'll use what's on hand!

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  • Strong

Upload an STL, OBJ, IGES or STEP file and get an instant FDM print quote! We aim to fulfil 3D printing orders in 2-5 working days. Maximum print volume is 256mm³.

All models will be printed at 0.2mm layer height with a 0.4mm nozzle* on a state of the art Bambu Lab X1C or P1P, in the most suitable orientation for printing.  We will use minimal support material and leave the removal of this to you, unless it comes off easily during handling. Nylon and TPU have exceptionally high layer bonding (a good thing!) which means support material may be very difficult to remove.

Unsure? Send us an email! We have been running FDM 3D printers for 8+ years, with a focus on tricky materials and mechanically functional designs. If you’re not sure about your design’s suitability for 3D printing, we can definitely help! Send files and details to sales@ranglebox.com and we’ll happily provide some feedback before you order.

*if you have any special requests for layer height, nozzle size, print orientation, support material or anything else, please leave us an order note or get in touch. If you would like us to consider a new material, and it can be printed at 300°C or less, we’re happy to discuss that too!


Our printing prices are based on print time and setup, material cost (per gram), machine wear and tear and power consumption – on top of a minimum £2 setup fee. Our margin is built in. We’re actually slicing your models in the background automatically, to get an accurate estimate of real print time and material usage. This also allows us to give you an accurate model weight, which is handy! Here are some of the numbers:

  • If the printer is printing, its time is usually charged at a flat £5/hr. Bear in mind that we can print very fast, up to 250mm/s, but preserve this for “Light” prints and will slow it down for more critical models.
  • We roughly estimate the printer is consuming ~100W during printing, and this is being accounted for at £0.2/kWh.
  • We include a printer depreciation cost as a factor of its RRP, life expectancy and predicted operating hours. This comes to about £0.14/hr.
  • An additional £0.20/hr goes towards potential breakdown or maintenance costs. Fingers crossed!
  • Finally, materials are almost all billed at about double their RRP/kg. For tricky materials such as nylon and TPU we add ~£2/hr on top of this, as they need constant drying and monitoring during printing.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, we’re happy to help! sales@ranglebox.com

3D Printing
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