General enquiries can be sent to:

Please note: Ranglebox operates in several hobbyist communities, which may encourage customers to contact us via direct messages on social media and/or by other personal methods. We ask that all technical, order or shop related enquiries be sent to the email above. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a response via other forms of contact. 

For technical support, you may ask for Ellis!

We aim to respond within 24hrs.

Shipping: All orders inside the UK up to 2KG will be posted by 1st Class Royal Mail (1-2 working days). Heavier or physically larger orders will be couriered via Parcelforce/DHL/UPS, etc (1-10 working days), for a more cost efficient service. Brexit may cause border delays to EU countries.

Orders to Europe may be posted by Standard International Mail (5-10 working days) or by a courier service in the same way, depending on which is more cost efficient.

Your cart will automatically select the most suitable method, based on its contents and your location.

We do not automatically support shipping to all nations, however please contact us if you wish to order to somewhere currently unavailable. We can almost certainly help!

We do not offer collection. However, we may be able to negotiate special delivery or collection under extreme circumstances. We recognise that our product range targets hobbyists and small businesses, often with tight deadlines. If you’re stuck, get in touch, and we will do our best to help you!

Please note. The value and weight of your order may be significant. By default we ship orders without additional protection (insurance) against loss/damage during transit. If you would rather your package is shipped with insurance, please get in touch and we will quote you accordingly.

Please note. If you have specific shipping needs (for example; can’t accept a certain service, want further coverage, want tracking information, signed-for delivery, express services, etc) please contact us before placing your order to discuss these. Otherwise we will ship using our standard terms.

We always carefully package orders to ensure they arrive safely. We only use trusted delivery services, so the likelihood of damage is very low. However, we reserve the right to not replace or refund items if damaged in transit, and we do not include delivery insurance as standard.

In the unlikely event that the damage was clearly caused by unsuitable packaging by us, we will replace the item, but reserve the right to judge whether it was our fault to begin with. Please get in touch if you feel this applies to you. Thank you.

Time: We aspire to provide the fastest possible service. Most orders are processed within 24 hours and you may enjoy next-working-day delivery, but please allow up to 3 working days between placing your order and the items being dispatched.

Back-ordered items may take days or weeks to process and ship to you. The majority of our products are sourced from different continents, and we are inevitably limited in our ability to estimate fulfilment time. If you require items quickly, please get in touch about fast tracking options.

Please note. You may not always receive automated emails if your order includes back-ordered items, as the order enters our system as “on-hold” until stock is replenished. We may contact you directly by email to inform you about your order’s status, or alternatively please get in touch for information.

We do not offer returns or a warranty for any of the products available from our store. This is partly a reflection of the confidence we have in the quality of our products, but it is also down to the nature of the products themselves. They require installation and/or modification by the customer to operate within the specific needs of each customer’s project, and as such are subject to all manner of stresses in many applications. For example, our primary market – combat robotics – is abusive by nature.

That said, we will replace an item in the very unlikely situation that it is not functional upon delivery*. In this scenario, please contact us via the email above to discuss resolution. In most cases, we will cover shipping costs, at our discretion. If an item in use fails prematurely (but was functional initially), please contact us and provide as much information about the use-case as possible. We reserve the right to not replace or refund an item once it has been used in any capacity, although if it is evidently faulty and not user-error (defined by us) we will work with you to replace or repair the item. Ultimately, we want to sleep at night – if you feel we have not provided the service you expect, please contact us.

*if the product is not produced by us (stated on all relevant product pages) we will help you to resolve any issues with the item, but we are not responsible for the warranty solution if the creator(s) offers one. This will be the responsibility of the company behind the product. For simple issues we can communicate with them on your behalf, although we encourage you to contact them directly. We can provide contact details and support your interaction if necessary. If the item was damaged in transit between Ranglebox and the customer, our postage policy (above) applies as normal.

Last updated: 23/10/2021

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