Drill Motors – Large Selection (while stocks last)!


We came across a joblot of Black & Decker cordless drills, of all shapes and sizes. Most of these units were ex-display or lightly used, making them ideal for use in robots. Have a browse and nab a bargain!

Cordless drills are a classic choice for robot builders. They’re a compact, tough, powerful and cheap way to drive a wheel or any kind of appendage. We have scored over 100 lightly used Black & Decker drills (it’s a long story) and having stripped the motor-gearbox units from most of them, we’re listing the different types here for your perusal. We have a couple of some and dozens of others. This is a one-off listing, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Please note that by nature of being mass manufactured items, there may be cosmetic differences (colour, grease, etc) between drills of the same model.

The table below shows the different models we’re starting with. In some cases there are different drills with the same description, hence the “variant” tab.

(please help us get back to a drill-less living room)

Happy browsing!

Drill Motors – Large Selection (while stocks last)!
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