Saturn RB4250 1000KV Brushless Motor


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Need a high quality brushless motor to pair with your Saturn gearbox? Look no further! The Saturn RB4250 1000kv brushless motor can run at up to 6s (24V) and has a D-shape shaft ready to fit a Saturn pinion. We sourced these motors specifically to match the 19:1 Saturn, but they would work in any project requiring a powerful mid-size outrunner!

Our motor has 3.5mm gold connectors presoldered to 14AWG phase wires (in on-brand-orange!) making it ready to hook up to many ESCs.

A single package contains:

  • 1x Motor
  • 3x Female 3.5mm connectors (for ESC wires)

The key technical details are:

  • Dimensions (D*L): 42*49mm + 19.5mm shaft
  • Shaft dimensions (D*L): ⌀5*19.5mm + 9.5mm long flat section
  • Weight: 200g
  • Input voltage: 2-6s (8-24V)
  • Operational current draw: 10-30A
  • KV rating (RPM per volt): 1000 (e.g. ~12,000RPM @ 12V)
  • Wires: 16AWG 150mm long (with 3.5mm bullet connectors)
  • Face mounting holes: ⌀25mm M3x4 (5mm deep)
  • Rear bell holes: ⌀17mm M3x4

Click here to download a 3D model of the Saturn RB4250 motor (opens Google Drive)

Essential dimensions:

Need a shortcut? We stock this motor and our matching Saturn 19:1 gearbox preassembled and ready to run! And, we hear you – these motors need a matching ESC to complete the set – watch this space, the Saturn range will be expanding soon!

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 cm
Saturn RB4250 1000KV Brushless Motor

Availability: In stock

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