Mars Hub (Pack of 2)



Good things come in small packages, and the Mars hub is proof! Featuring chunky offset M5 grubscrews, M3 mounting holes and a satisfyingly tiny square profile, your days of wrestling with undersize screws and spinning shafts are over. Mars hubs are CNC machined from high grade aluminium and have a slick black anodised finish, making them light, strong and easy on the eye! They’re available in 2 bore sizes, 4mm and 6mm, ideal for fitting a 25mm gearmotor, Pluto shaft or for any robotics or engineering project!

A single package contains:

  • 2x hubs
  • 6x M5*5 high tensile steel grubscrews (4 for use, 2 spare!)

The key technical details are:

  • Dimensions (W*H*L): 16*16*8mm
  • Bore dimensions: ⌀4/6mm
  • Bolt pattern (PCD): ⌀13-M3 x4
  • Weight: 4.5g (including 2x M5*5 steel grubscrews)
  • Material: 6061 T6 aluminium

Click here to download a 3D model of the 6mm Mars hub (opens Google Drive)
Click here to download a 3D model of the 4mm Mars hub (opens Google Drive)

Essential dimensions:

Mars hubs are the first in a new range of Mars products. We already offer a mid-size Saturn line of motors and planetary gearboxes, and Mars is smaller than Saturn, so… watch this space!

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Bore diameter:

4mm, 6mm

Mars Hub (Pack of 2)
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